Friday, June 4, 2010


It is that time again for Mama M's Five Question Friday! Enjoy!

1. If you could go back to college would you change your major? Or, if you were to go to college right now...what major would you choose?

Yes, definitely. I majored in Anthropology in college and it was amazing, well, amazing until I tried to find a "real"job. There aren't a lot of those out there for Anthro majors. I would either major in Special Education or Forensic Science if I went back. Actually, that's what I am planning to do next year. Hopefully it works out better than my previous major!

2. What do you love most about your home?

My little man that is in my belly room. It is coming along so well and I can't wait until he is here to try everything out!

3. What types of books do you like to read (if you like to read at all)?

I LOVE to read and I need to start doing that again. Probably not the best timing with little dude on the way, but hey it relaxes me. I love reading murder mysteries. The more blood and guts the better. Hence the interest in Forensic Science!

4. What is the grossest thing you've ever eaten?

Cow nuts. Mmm, tasty!

5. If you HAD to be a character on a TV show, whom would you be?
Definitely Abby from NCIS. Her job looks amazing! She gets to be in on all the crime scene aspects without having as much danger as the other cast members!