Thursday, July 15, 2010

35 Weeks 4 Days & Cancer Appointment

I haven't been great at updating on how my pregnancy has been going. Lets just say I don't have much energy. I am nearing the end of my pregnancy and I couldn't be more excited to meet little Fletcher! 

What has been going on lately with big 'ol pregnant me:

*As of last week I had gained 17 (or 18...pregnancy brain!) pounds since my beginning weight. My doctor said I am right on track to where she wants me to be. I am pretty proud of this! I only gained 1/2 a pound in two weeks last week but she didn't seem to think it was a problem.
*My ankles and feet have started to swell a little bit. They don't bother me too much and the swelling seems to go down in the morning, but I am still keeping track of it. 
*On Thursday I am going to have the dreaded strep test. I am not looking forward to that appointment! I can take needles, blood, whatever but I hate being swabbed. I know, I know TMI
*After next week I start going in EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK!!! I am excited to get to hear the little ones heartbeat every week and see if I am dilated. 
*I am pretty sure that Fletcher has dropped. My belly looks different and I have started to waddle. Classy, I know. 
*My dizziness seems to come and go. I really think it is weather related since my BP has been fine and there hasn't been any protein in my urine. 

All in all I can't WAIT to not be pregnant anymore and to have Fletcher in my arms! I will miss feeling him wiggle in my belly. I am trying to soak that in as much as possible right now.


My mom had an appointment yesterday and a colonoscopy. She had colon cancer when I was a sophomore in high school and went in for her yearly test. She actually didn't go in last year so I was pretty nervous they would find something at her appointment. They did find a few polyps (which is VERY common for her) but they were able to cut them all out. Now is the dreaded waiting game to see if they were cancerous. Even if they were they still were able to get them all out so it shouldn't be a problem. She also has "pockets" in her colon and she has to stop eating some foods (ones with seeds and popcorn) so she doesn't tear her colon. If that happened she would have to get part of her colon (which she doesn't have much left) removed. We are hoping that isn't the case. 

Well, that is what has been going on in my life! I am looking forward to this heat and humidity to GO AWAY!!!

Here is a picture of me today. Please excuse the awesome outfit I have on and the silly look (and dirty mirror) I have on my face!

35 weeks 4 days!