Thursday, July 29, 2010

37 Weeks 4 Days Pregnant & House Hunting.

I am officially 37 weeks pregnant and full term...and feeling it. Fletcher feels like he is a HUGE baby, and an active one at that! He likes to shift his butt from one side of my stomach to the other and there isn't a minute that goes by where my stomach doesn't look deformed. Why didn't anyone tell me that it hurts when a baby moves inside of you. Yes, it is wonderful, don't get me wrong, but damn it hurts! I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday and it went pretty routine just the way I like it. Fletcher was head down still (yay!) and when my doctor checked my cervix he went nuts like last time. He doesn't seem to be a very happy baby when being woken up, kind of like his daddy. 

Here is what I know so far:

*I am one, closer to two centimeters dilated.

*My blood pressure this week was 120/80 which is great! It seems to range lately from 116 to about 122. I have only had one week where it went above 130 and I honestly think it was because I had a different nurse who really didn't know how to take it correctly. 

* My urine continues to come back without protein.

* The strep test came back negative which makes me very happy! I wasn't nervous if it had come back positive, but it is just nice to not have to worry about that. 

*Like I said Fletcher is still head down and kicking his little legs like crazy.

* The doctor thinks he is about 7 pounds (at least) right now and continues to say I am all baby. 

*I have gained 19-20 pounds so far. Not very much but my belly continues to be right on track for my due date.

My next appointment is going to be Monday morning. My doctor unfortunately is out for the week so I will be meeting a new doctor. It doesn't really bother me because as long as it is a medical professional checking me out we are good to go. At least if I make it past next week my doctor should be around come delivery time! My mom is booking her flight for the 13th and I can't wait for her to be here! She will either make it for the delivery or have a nice little surprise waiting for her at the airport. I can not believe that the day where we welcome our son into this world is almost here. It seems surreal. I am so happy. 


On a different note we have decided to add house hunting to our list of things that are going on in the Beeson household. Yes, we are crazy. Last weekend we toured about seven houses and fell in love with one. It is a great price and adorable but we just don't know how it is all going to pan out. We have an appointment to check it out again tonight and the seller seems really motivated. It is something we can afford and it has a great yard for both Fletcher and Tallulah. We do however have to figure out how to get out of our lease and there are a few other loose ends that we need to tie up. We shall see. I will post most about the house soon when hopefully we will know more. Keep your fingers crossed!