Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Day Is Almost Here!

(where I had my IV)
Yesterday was a long day. I was up all night with nausea and a stomach ache and I just knew that Matt had to come with me to my appointment in the morning. We are trying to save up his days for when little Fletcher is here, but I did not feel like going alone yesterday. So, he was planning on taking a half day. We got into the doctor around 9:15 where my blood pressure was taken and it was the highest it has been yet. Not terribly high, but 140/90 I believe. Doctor V checked my cervix and I was nearly four centimeters dilated and 75% softened. I was then rushed to labor and delivery where we thought we would be staying until we met the little man. That wasn't the case. Blood work was done to see if I had preeclampsia and an IV was inserted since they thought I would be sticking around. We sat, and sat, and well, sat. Three and a half hours later my doctor finally came in to say that my test had all come back okay and asked if I wanted to be induced later in the week. Originally she said it would be yesterday, but it seems that there were three unplanned c-sections taking place so I was sent home. I was told to call the doc today to see when I should come in and the day has been set...

We will be meeting Fletcher on FRIDAY!!! I go in at 8:00 AM and will be induced then if I am  not already in active labor. That means that our little man will be born on Friday the 13th. He's going to be a little shit, I just know it (just like his Daddy ;)! So, if I don't go naturally by then (I have been having some intense contractions) we will definitely meet him come Friday. 

We are beyond excited, and of course VERY nervous! :)