Tuesday, November 16, 2010

3 Months!

Fletcher you are now three months old

You are getting so big, but it seems like you have been here far longer than just three months! My-oh-my how you have changed in those three short months! You are becoming SO smart and also SO funny! There is never a day that you don't fill with lots of love (and talking). 

You are now wearing size 3-6 months clothing, but I have a feeling you will be entirely in 6 months in a couple of weeks. You are a BIG boy! You still wear size one diapers, but I think we will soon move up to size two. You love to drink your formula, you have always been a great eater. You have moved up from four ounces to six most of the time! 

Did I mention how strong you are? Well, baby boy you sure are one strong little man! You have been holding your head up really well lately and you LOVE to play! You get so bored just laying around, you want to DO something! You are happiest when you are out and about and not just hanging out at home. You are not a napper, but I will take that because you have been sleeping through the night for WEEKS

Did I mention you are getting teeth? Well, you are! Your hand is almost always in your month and your gums are quite sore looking. Poor baby! Also, I have to trim your nails almost daily because you like to look tough and give yourself scratches. Silly guy! 

Fletcher, your Mommy and Daddy love you to bunches. You have made our family truly a family and life is just so much more worth living now that you are here. Thanks for being my little boy (and making "words" that sound like Mama)!!!