Monday, December 6, 2010

4 Month Checkup!

Today was Fletcher's four month appointment and he did GREAT! I already knew he was a strong, healthy boy but it is always wonderful to be told how great your child is doing. He has total head control and was given the go-ahead to try rice cereal (which he did yesterday ;)! His doctor did say "he probably won't like the cereal at first, and might not know how to swallow." That is so funny since he gobbled it up yesterday and swallowed perfectly! When the doctor was listening to his heart Fletcher couldn't see me and he started to cry, but as soon as Mommy came into view he was once again happy! He gave the doctor lots of smiles and talked up a storm! My little love bug! 

Here are Fletcher's four month stats (he is not technically four months until the 13th):

Weight: 17.6 lbs (93%)
Length: 26 inches (87%)
Head: 43 cm (74%)

Our doctor (whom I love) said he was extremely proportionate and is adorable, also that he acted more like a 6-7 month old rather than being only 4 months old. She also says his dark brown eyes make him look like he has such a good soul. That was nice to hear! He slept all the way home and is now sucking down a bottle from Grandma Kac! It was a MUCH easier day than I expected!

Home from the doctor and SO tired

Yum, cereal!


Matt said...

If dark brown eyes mean you have a good soul, then what do blue eyes mean??????

Lynn said...

What a great little boy but that also is a true testimonial of your being a great momma!! Way to go Molly!

mbloomer said...

Thanks Lynn!

I am not sure Matt. What are you trying to say about me? Shithead.

mbloomer said...

AND it isn't ANY brown eyes, just your sons because he is kind looking. :)

Matt said...

Well I was just asking the question. I was going to say: blue eyes mean you're an amazing wife and mother! But then you called me a shithead. :(

mbloomer said...

You can still say that, because you are MY shithead. :)

Matt said...

You're an amazing wife and mother!

mbloomer said...

Love you!

Matt said...

I love you too!