Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I am having some lower abdomen pain today. I had a bit yesterday, but today it is a little worse. There isn't any bleeding (TMI, I know!) but it is definitely there. It probably doesn't help that yesterday I was poking around down there to check for hernias or that I just gave birth four short months ago. I can deal with pain as long as my little nugget is doing okay. I am hoping it is just stretching and pulling from a growing baby. Being only 8 weeks I am still on edge. Just hoping and praying for no bleeding! Fletcher really wants to be a big brother! I am going to try and relax. Maybe go shopping. Yes, that always helps! :)

I know this post wasn't wordless, but I thought I would still follow suit and post a picture of my main little man! 

His four month picture! Man, he's big!