Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sleep, Please Sleep!

Fletcher, Mommy loves you but would you for the love of God please stop getting up every single thirty minutes at night? I understand you are getting teeth and I am sure that hurts little buddy, but really EVERY thirty minutes? Not cool. I think you have discovered that Mommy is only a foot away and if you whine or cry she will jump to your every need. This is making me wonder if your crib is where you need to be. I really wanted to have you in our room until you were a little older. You know Mommy is so worried about SIDS, so please baby just sleep so you can stay with me. I don't like the cry it out approach, but I am losing my sanity on the one hour of sleep the last few nights. 

What happened dear boy to sleeping through the night like you were for over a month? Is it the teeth? Probably, and I am sorry about that. Lets give it one more shot with you in our room tonight buddy, but if it is a repeat of last night we are going to have to try something else. Mommy loves waking up in the middle of the night to your sweet face sleeping, so how about we try that again? 

I bet I know what it is...early sibling rivalry. Stinker. :)


Matt said...

I think he's definitely a vampire. Except he doesn't sleep during the day either. So he must just be possessed......we never should have agreed to be induced on Friday the 13th!

mbloomer said...

If the next little one comes on the 13th I am holding it in. Ha!

He's adorable though and he told me he will sleep better tonight. :)

mbloomer said...

Wait, the 13th will probably not be a Friday this year...nevermind!

Matt said...

The only Friday the 13th next year is in May, and the next one better not come that early!