Thursday, January 13, 2011


Fletcher today you are FIVE months old! Your Daddy and I think it seems like you have been here much longer, probably because you act like a much older boy.


Last time you were at the doctor's office you were four months and you were 17.6 pounds and 26 inches long. I know you are MUCH bigger now! You are such a long boy! You mainly wear nine months clothes although you still fit in some six month pants. You have a really long torso so you outgrow onesies really fast! You also have moved up to size three diapers. When we were at Target the other day another daddy asked how old you were and we said "almost five months" and he couldn't believe you were in size three diapers! His 15 month old was in just one size up! My big boy!

Cute widdle crack!

Your sleeping habits have changed little man, and not for the better. You were sleeping through the night for about a month, but that is long gone. That is okay, I really enjoy our late night talks. Most nights when you are fussy we go into the spare bedroom and cuddle and you fall fast asleep on the bed. It is really cute seeing a little boy like you on that big bed. You are so sweet.

You really enjoy toys now. Your ExerSaucer is by far your favorite toy, well that and your elephant Grandma Kac bought you. You will jump so hard and you think you are SO funny! Daddy and I think you are pretty funny too!

You love to go out, and get annoyed if you are in the house too long. You are so good whenever we take you anywhere. You give everyone smiles, and rarely cry. You really love the car, too! 

Another thing you love is football, which makes Daddy (and Mommy too) really happy! We put some blankets on the floor in front of the T.V. and you cheer and yell so loud! It is hilarious! Your favorite team seems to the be the Colts (it better be)! You are really rolling all over and grabbing your feet. I think within the next month you will be crawling. You are getting so big, and Mommy is wondering where her little newborn went? 

You also LOVE food! You have eaten cereal and all stage one veggies and fruits! You open your mouth and eat really well!

Fletcher we love you so much and we couldn't ask for a better little boy! We can't wait to see you grow, but promise me little man that you take your time. Mommy wants all the baby cuddles she can get! 

Love you!


Matt said...

I can't imagine him getting any bigger.....but he just won't stop! It seems like he's been here forever.....I know people say it goes fast, but to me it feels like he's always been.

mbloomer said...

I agree, but he is growing so fast! Such a big boy!