Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Follow-Up Visit

Thursday afternoon I have a follow up visit for my miscarriage. I really wish I didn't have to go and I think it is kind of unnecessary, but since my doctor wasn't there when I went in last time she wants to see me. Ugh. I am not really sure what they are going to do, but I hope everything checks out okay. I feel okay, but I really wanted the next time I went in to be because I was pregnant. 

I have gone back and forth on when I want to get pregnant again. I feel ready. I know it hasn't been long, but I feel like our family needs another member. Fletcher is the most perfect baby, and I know the next one might not be this easy, but we have room in our house and our hearts for another one. 

Plus wouldn't he be the most perfect big brother?

I sure think so. :)


Soldier Mama said...

Your son is adorable! Sorry to hear about your miscarriage!

Molly said...

Thank you on both parts! :)