Thursday, February 3, 2011

2 Day Ice Ice Baby

We got ice, lots and lots of ice. This Minnesotan isn't used to getting ice, because in the frozen tundra we get snow. Needless to say this ice that we got here in Indy was a pain in the ass, but a nice pain the ass. Matt took two days off of work because the roads were deemed "unsafe". It was awesome to have him home for the two days! We did a whole-lotta-nuthin'. I guess we did some stuff, but it was in between a whole-lotta-nuthin'. 

These were our cars. My Jeep (top) was taken after the first night of ice, and my hubby's Pathfinder was after day number two. Now, that was fun getting them cleaned off (actually we just thawed them out in the garage)!

We did a lot of this:

Love my some baby cuddles! Although we did do SOME productive things such as these:

A tree like what was in Fletcher's old nursery, with some brighter colors!

I made some homemade spaghetti. This was round two, for lunch the next day! It looked much more appetizing the first day. Can I just say how much I love spaghetti sandwiches?

So, the entire two day ice storm wasn't all laziness, but for the most part we did this...