Tuesday, March 22, 2011

7 Months!

Fletcher you are now SEVEN months old! My-oh-my how time has started to fly by! I remember you just turning three months, but now you are seven. I can't believe it! 

This month you have seemed to change SO much. You have started to have quite the personality! You are FUNNY! You have officially said your first words, and I think you want to make Mommy's heart mush, because whenever you say "Mama" that is exactly what happens. At first I thought it was a coincidence, but sweet boy you have started saying it looking straight at me and when you want me to do something. I love it and I love you sweet boy!

You are still in size three diapers, but after this pack I think we are going to move up to size fours. You are growing SO fast! You wear size 12 month clothes, but some 18 month onesies fit. You have a really long torso! 

You still have that big appetite that you have had since birth. You are currently eating three meals of solids a day, and a 6-8 ounce bottle in between. By the time morning comes you are starving (or so you think ;). Now, if we could just get you to stop blowing raspberries with a mouth full of food! You think you are SO funny, and Fletch, you are. 

It is hard to put you on the floor without you moving all over the place. You have started doing a bit of an army crawl, but you still prefer to roll everywhere. I don't think it will be long before you are full on crawling. It is a bit harder for you because you are SO long. You can sit up great, but it is hard for you to sit still long. You have always been a mover and a shaker! I love that about you! You can catch balls if thrown at you, so I think you are on the road to being one hell of a goaltender! 

Sleeping has gotten a little bit easier, so I want to thank you Fletcher for not giving Mommy anymore white hairs. You no longer scream for an hour at nap time, but have started talking to yourself or your "glow worm". You still wake up throughout the night, but not nearly as much as you were. You are just not much of a sleeper. I can't blame you babe, you get that from your Mommy. 

This last month you have been to Brown County where Mommy lugged you around in your carrier. You love being in that thing, and I love having you that close to me. I get to smell your sweet hair and give your head as many kisses as I want. Speaking of sweet things, you shared your fist vanilla ice cream cone with Mommy. Saying you loved it would be an understatement! We also stayed in a hotel in Ohio where you swam for the first time. You are going to be a water baby, because you did not want to get out of that pool. It was so fun watching you kick your little legs! In less than a month we are going to visit your Grandparents in Minnesota, and they can't wait to love on you!

I think you are going to get your Daddy's smarts, because look baby you are already studying Engineering! 

Everyone loves you baby boy, and you have made life so much more enjoyable. Your Daddy and I can't get enough of you so thank you for giving us so much sweetness!


Matt said...

I'm bringing him with me to take the test since he's so smart :)

Molly said...

He will just eat your papers. He loves paper.