Friday, March 25, 2011

Facebook Friday!

A Dollop of My Life is hosting Facebook Friday so I thought I would give it a whirl....

Here are some of my status updates from this past week!

"I told Matt that Fletcher preferred his Mozart Baby Einstein video over the Da Vinci one and he said "Oh, I do is so much easier to follow!" I didn't know Baby Einstein was hard to follow, Matt. Ha!"

"I am already getting hungry for Some Guys!" (a pizza place!)

"I was teasing Matt and said "I am not having sex tonight" and he said "I don't want to anyway" so I said "yeaaaaaaaah right" and he said "well, I was trying to use reverse psychology" to which I replied "that has to be believable to work". I win. "

"Fletcher just said "Mom" and "Mama" on video!"

That is actually kind of fun! I will have to do it again next week along with Five Question Friday!


Penelope said...

Ha! Last night, I almost put my status as "I see why some animals eat their young."

Linds said...

bahahaha, I laughed so hard at your first one! SO funny. Thanks for joining in! "see" you next Friday!

Molly said...

My husband cracks me up, so I am sure there will be plenty of quotes to pick from!

Matt said...

I'll try to keep the quotes coming! :)