Monday, March 7, 2011

A Few Finds...

From this weekend. Matt and I headed over to the Southside and picked up a few things for around the house. We got GREAT deals so I thought I would share!

This Glow Worm wasn't on sale but it is worth every penny. Used to take Fletcher an hour to fall asleep, now it's five minutes

Three sets of jammies for $10

Skidders indoor/outdoor shoes normally $14 and we bought them for $9!

Christmas Tree Shops: I LOVE this store!
Chair $5 and mats (we got a 4 sets) $9. We are going to put the mats on Fletcher's hard floors in his bedroom. They are so soft!

89 cents for spices? Yes, please

Terrible picture but that is a $5 mirror (that I have to clean ;)!

As you can see this was $4. We thought Fletcher would love looking at this on a tree this summer!


Matt said...

The spices look huge in that picture, like they're the size of buckets!

Molly said...

Don't give my photo tricks away. ;)