Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fletcher's Funk

Fletcher has been in a funk the last couple of days, and Mommy has too. Maybe it is Mommy's mood that doesn't help with Fletcher's mood and vise versa. It seems when we both aren't getting sleep, we both are crabby. It also doesn't help that Mr. Fletch is teething like crazy! 

After his morning nap lasted a whole thirty minutes and he was crying for lunch at 10 am I decided we were going to get out of the house. Fletcher's mood drastically improves if he is allowed to get out of the house, and so does mine. He gets that from me, always wanting to do something. So, we did. We met Daddy for lunch and had Subway and then took the scenic route to Babies "R" Us. It was a nice change. He was an angel. He let Mommy and Daddy eat, and then he sat in the stroller taking everything in at BRU. Since he was so good he got a new pair of shoes (most of his are either small or a bit big) and a fun ball. He is in love with the ball, and I am in love with his shoes. 

Fletcher will be happy to know that we are getting out of the house tonight too! Dinner out tonight and then we are on the hunt for a swimsuit for our weekend adventure. We both can't wait!