Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Randoms.

Fletcher and I just got back from meeting the hubby for lunch. It is always fun to bring Fletcher into Matt's work. He is an engineer and most of his coworkers are men, but it seems whenever Fletcher comes around the few women that work in his building come out of the woodwork. It is so funny! I think women have a tendency to smell a baby as it comes in the door. Fletcher was really good (meaning he didn't freak out), but he was really quiet. That probably has something to do with it being his nap time and him not being in his crib. He did enjoy seeing his Daddy and getting a couple of mid-day kisses. I did too. :)

Last night we went out to eat at Chili's with my brother Ryan and his girlfriend Cyndi (who is also my good friend). Fletcher was such a ham! He loves to show all of his tricks when people are around. It is pretty darn cute! He is also a big flirt, especially with Cyndi. They are buds. See...

We had a really nice dinner and I was craving steak fajitas and it hit the spot. Fletcher wanted some too, but he is a little short yet to sit at the table. 

He looked adorable trying though!

Before we met them at Chili's we stopped at Target and Babies "R" Us. We had to get Fletcher some baby food and formula, and also an umbrella stroller for Minnesota. We always browse the sale racks and we found two adorable polo shirts for $2 each! Steal! We also had Fletcher try on a hat, which made him look like his Daddy. You know I am going back to buy that hat, I have to. 

The hat picture is just too much. It makes me a pile of Mommy mush. Love my boy! 

It was a great night, but it sure tired Fletch-man out. We always enjoy seeing friends and family. It just so happens that Cyndi, Ryan, Matt and I might be doing a little overnight trip this weekend for Matt's birthday. I am so excited!

Now, if I could just get my little guy to do some of this...

He is still blowing raspberries in his crib. Stinker!


Matt said...

I love the "at the table" picture....."where are my fajitas????" I guess I love all of them!

Molly said...

We love YOU!