Thursday, March 24, 2011

Way To Go Fletch!

When I was pregnant with Fletcher I thought he would be in his crib by the time he was a month old. That isn't what happened. We put him in our room in his pack 'n play and it just stayed that way. It worked well for us, and I really enjoyed being able to wake up and take care of Fletcher, or just gaze at him while he slept. I decided I loved "co-sleeping". 

He didn't sleep in our bed (besides when I had to take him in the guest room), but he did sleep in our room. It was honestly one of the best things we have done and I plan to do it with my other children in the future. It seemed to bring an even closer bond between us. 

Until until a couple of weeks ago it worked out well, and then he started to get really restless at night and he knew Mommy was nearby to fulfill all of his needs. Needs that he didn't necessarily need, but just wanted. He was old enough now to not need multiple bottles at night, but he was still wanting them. Any movement by Matt or I would wake him up, so he wasn't resting as well. I decided it was time for his crib, he was weaning himself. Exactly what I wanted, for him to start to wean himself, and he was.

Last night was the first full night in his crib, and he did amazing! He did wake up twice, but it was only for a few minutes and then happily went back to sleep. I am so proud of him! The transition is going smoothly, and I am happy that I had the months prior to have him close by me. 

It is a win, win in my book. I love that little boy.