Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Away

This weekend we decided to get away for Matt's birthday. We headed to Cincinnati to a hotel to just hangout and relax. That wasn't exactly what happened, but that was the plan. 

We arrived in Cincy around 3 and checked into the hotel. Fletcher was glad to stretch out!

We decided to go to IKEA since everyone who was there loves that store. I mean who doesn't like cheap home goods? I know I do!

Fletcher is always really good in public and he didn't disappoint at IKEA. He was all smiles, grunts (because he thinks he is funny) and I am pretty sure he said "hi" to a number of people. Mommy's little outgoing boy! Before we left we were waiting for Cyndi and Ryan to checkout (Matt and I actually went to IKEA and didn't buy a thing) so we got some treats. Matt had a cinnamon roll and Fletcher and I shared a vanilla ice cream cone. That boy was in LOVE! 

After each bite he would proudly say "Mmm" and then curl his hands into a fist and if I wasn't fast enough to get him another bite he would raise his fists in the air and let out a little scream. It was adorable, but he needs to learn patience. Maybe that will be taught at seven months. Ha! 

After IKEA we went and picked up some local pizza, which was delicious! We were going to go swimming but our lovely neighbors were being super loud and always out in the hall so we decided to hangout in our room, have a couple of drinks and socialize. Our neighbors who were probably 19, were smoking who knows what, drinking and being extremely loud. It was now after eleven. Fletcher had finally fell asleep and I was not about to have that little boy woken up by some drunken teenagers. Matt called them in on a noise complaint (do you feel like a Daddy now?) and it must have been enough for the desk because they promptly kicked them out of the hotel. Finally, some peace, or at least I thought. We were just settling into bed around one and we had a knock on our door. I didn't answer, but then a minute later we had another knock on the door. I was livid so I went to answer the door and it was some kid looking for the party. I was happy to let him know that they were kicked out. Matt and I were so lucky that Fletcher was in a deep sleep and didn't wake up through it all!

Morning came and we had our hotel breakfast (which sucked) and then we headed to the pool. Fletcher was finally getting his time to go swimming! He loved it! I didn't love the bazillion kids that decided to show up and splash right when we got there. Fletcher still had a great time! He loves water and I can't wait until this summer so I can get him a baby pool! 

He was so excited into looking at all of the other kids in the pool that he didn't look at Daddy while he was taking a picture. He still had fun kicking his little legs. Mommy was SO happy! 

After that it was time to head home. Even though the trip wasn't exactly what we had planned it was still nice to get away. I think Matt and I are going to try a do-over day at a hotel with Fletch-man. Maybe we should go on a Tuesday night? 


Cori said...

Oh thanks for commenting on my "blogging..." post..I think I am just in a "blog funk"! ha. Fletcher is toooooo precious!! I love his big cheeks!! We do not have an Ikea near us..I wish we did..I love their stuff. :_)

Anonymous said...

I really want to eat your baby!!!! He is so stinkin' cute!!!

Nikki said...

Sorry the weekend didn't go as planned guys! A Tuesday night get away sounds like a good plan!

Molly said...

Thank you ladies!

Fletcher is up for being eaten at any time. :)

Matt said...

........I have to say it.....that's what she said!