Friday, April 1, 2011

Facebook Friday!

It is Facebook Status Friday again at A Dollop of My Life! 

"Excited for opening day, but I wish I was there! GO REDS!!!"

"I wanted to watch Prison Wives so Matt asked me "is that what you want to be?" Actually that sounds about perfect on some days. ;)"

"Fletcher told me he wanted Taco Bell for lunch, and when I said no and ate some in front of him when he had peaches for lunch he wasn't happy. Kid needs to work on his teeth first. ;)"

"My favorite day during the week! Coffee, baby, PJ's and Teen Mom 2 (once Fletch is taking a nap)!"

"Cheese is my favorite food group."


Linds said...

hahaha, The prison wives status is hilarious!

Thanks for linking up!

Christy said...

LOL at the prison wives comment! your day in pjs and teen mom 2 sounds awesome!

Molly said...

Thanks ladies! :)