Tuesday, May 17, 2011

9 Months!

Fletcher you are now 9 months old! Time is flying by little man, and I love every second of it! You have always been a happy baby but you seemed to get even happier between 8-9 months! You are ALWAYS smiling or laughing! I love your sense of humor

Your pediatrician also thought you were a riot. When you got your shot you looked at the nurse, furrowed your brow and said "heeeeeey"! It was SO funny! The nurse said "he didn't even cry but he sure told me!" I love that about you, you rarely cry! You can bonk yourself hard with a toy and there are rarely tears. You are one tough, sweet, big baby boy! 

Speaking of big you are now 23.90 pounds (91%) and 30 inches long (93%)! See, you are a BIG boy! You are wearing size four diapers (only one size left, so sloooow down with the growing dude or you will be potty training by one!) and you wear size 18 month clothing! Pretty soon you are going to be out of the "baby" clothing and in size 2T! Crazy to think! 

You are also all over the place little man. You are crawling and getting into everything. Daddy and I are baby proofing this place because you seem to find any and everything to get into! I love your curious nature. You are just so smart! 

You started teething at three months and the doctor thought you were for sure getting your first tooth at six months, but you just finally got it just before you turned 9 months! It is so sharp and so cute! I love it! 

With that took you have started eating a lot more table food. So far your favorites are yogurt, bananas, avocado, spaghetti, vanilla ice cream,and you sorta kinda liked potato. Since we were given the go ahead we are trying to introduce new food to you all the time! You love it! 

You still love your ExcerSaucer (here you are doing your funny clapping!), but I think swimming takes over for your favorite activity. You love being in water! We are going to spend many summer days out back in your pool! I can't wait! 

Well, baby boy. I love you more and more each and every single day. Your Daddy does too. You are an amazing child, and we are so thankful you are ours. 

Love you big guy! 


Rebecca Bany said...

That was a super cute post. Adorable!

Molly said...

Thank you! I am now following your blog. :)