Thursday, September 1, 2011


Fletcher you are now ONE! How did my little baby become one already? I can't even believe it! I do however think one is my favorite age (as I say every month) so far. You are learning and growing SO much!

You are still one big boy, and Mommy wouldn't have it any other way (my back would though). You weigh 28.5 lbs (97%) and are 32 inches tall (95%). See, I told you that you are big! You are now wearing 2T and some 3T clothes. You seemed to breeze through 18 month clothing, but I guess your little brother can wear them! They are brand new! You are wearing size 5 shoe, although you would rather be barefoot. 

You still rock the mohawk from time to time. :)

You have gotten even sweeter with age. You give lots of hugs and kisses, and say "Mama" and "Dada" in such a sweet little voice. You light up when you see Mommy or Daddy, and that makes us light up in return. You are such a little charmer! You love having your Grandma and Grandpa here, and even started saying Grand-Mama. It is so adorable! 

You have also started getting LOTS of teeth, FAST! You went from having no teeth at 8 months, to now having TEN with four more on the way! You really aren't a crabby teether either. Actually, you are just not a crabby baby at all. You have started sleeping through the night every night, and although you are trying to drop your afternoon nap you still give in most days. Mama feels like a new women now that you have been sleeping through the night. You LOVE your crib. You do this crazy laugh when you see it at night. I am so glad that you are so secure. 

Fletcher, you are such a good eater. You eat most of the food I put in front of you, but your favorites are still pancakes, crackers, bananas, pasta and of course ice cream. I blame that one on Grandma Kac. :)

You still take a bottle before going to sleep, but take a sippy cup like a champ. You love your whole milk as well as water. Not a fan of juice, which in my eyes is great! 

Saying you are obsessed with letters is an understatement. You LOVE Super Why! and every time they ask you which letter is on the screen you make a strange guttural sound like you are answering them. I think you are going to love to read. You say plenty of words for your age, and you seem to be trying to say more everyday. 

Your biggest new trick, and the one I find the cutest is you are WALKING. Sorta. You have the last couple of weeks started to take a step here and there. I think the most you have done at one time is 6, but each day you get better. Even if you do look like a 90 year old that has had too much scotch. I love it and you are so proud of yourself too! 

Fletcher, you are our world and we are so proud to call you our son. You are the funniest, brightest, cutest little boy and we love you so much. 

Keep growing little man, we love the little boy you are becoming. 



Sarann said...

So sweet, happy birthday Fletcher. My son in 2.5 and I still keep saying this is my favorite age!

Matt said...

How did he get so big so fast? It's been an awesome year!

Natalie said...

I don't think he could get any cuter!