Thursday, February 9, 2012

Huxley- Two Months!

Little Hux, or shall I say not-so-little Hux. You are taking after you brother in being a big, strong baby! I really wouldn't have it any other way. It is absolutely amazing how easily you have fit into this family. 

You were a peanut at birth weighing just over 7 lbs, well big guy you have doubled your weight and you were 14.1 lbs (89%) at your two month appointment. You were also 23.25 inches long (58 %) (you wouldn't stretch out all the way so I bet you are even longer) and your noggin was 40.1 cm (50%). When you were born, newborn clothes were too big and now you are in 3-6 month clothing. I would imagine you are getting so big so fast because you are one hell of an eater. You are taking 6 ounces every 3ish hours. You would eat more if we allowed it, but we are trying to get you to go slightly longer stretches. 

Your favorite thing to do is giggle and smile. You are the happiest baby I have ever met. I thought your brother was happy, but I would bet you giggle and smile even a bit more. It is so awesome how happy you are! Not only are you happy, but you are strong! You can already hold your head up like a champ and you have rolled a few times. 

Everyone who meets you loves you Huxley, but one person in particular seems to really love you. That would be Fletcher. He may ignore you at times, but when I bring you in his room to get him up in the morning he lights up. He calls you "my baby" and when we are at the store he will rock your car seat to get you to fall asleep. I have a feeling you boys are going to be the best of friends.

You have been the perfect piece to the Beeson puzzle, and you have made my life that much happier. Mommy and Daddy love you so much, Huxley. Thank you for being such an amazing boy! 


Elle said...

Molly he is absolute beautiful! And so so big! Owen is two months older but only a pound more! And Owen will only eat 3 ounces every 3-4 hours (mixed with rice cereal so maybe that's why). He's going to out weigh Owen pretty soon. You have such a beautiful family.

Molly said...

Thank you, Elle! Owen is super adorable as well!

Huxley is definitely a big boy for starting out pretty small. His big brother, Fletcher was and is big as well. My back is killing me! :)